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Products: Wolfberry

Hi! Start here to find Wolfberry suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers and exporters related to Wolfberry. from china and around the world at -global b2b food e-marketplace .

1.   Goji Berries (Wolfberry)

Goji Berries (Wolfberry) Category: Dried Fruit Goji Berries are packed with proteins, Minerals, Omegas, Amino Acids and B Vitamins. Goji Berries are great for the immune system. D...
Monumental Import and Export Pty Ltd [South Africa \ Gauteng\Centurion]

2.   OEM Factory Supply Healthy herbal Tea Wolfberry Tea

Item Specifications Name ...
Monumental Import and Export Pty Ltd [South Africa \ Gauteng\Centurion]

3.   Dried Goji Berry

Wolfberry a re quite rich in Protein , Vitamin C , C arotene , Iron , Phosphorus which are highly demanded by human body. (Among, content of Vitamin C is higher than orange...
Global b2b import export trade pty [South Africa \ gauteng\johannesburg]
No Photo

4.   Fresh and Dried Gojiberries

1.English name :medlar 2.Latin Name:Lycium barbarum L 3.Active Ingredient:Polysaccharides 20%,30%,40%,50% Prouduct: Goji berry(Chinese Wolfberry) Scientific name: Lycium BARbarum L ...
At&V Global Enterprise Pty Ltd [South Africa \ Gauteng\Johannesburg]

5.   the ningxia goji berry seedings goji berry price

Products will be packed in carton boxes and shipping by air, by sea or express. Our Services 1. We provide all the documents to our customer to help them to finish the custom cleara...
Monumental Import and Export Pty Ltd [South Africa \ Gauteng\Centurion]

6.   Chinese Wolfberry

Chinese Wolfberry
Ningxia Commercial Foreign Trade Co. Ltd.   [China \ Ningxia\Yinchuan]

7.   Wolfberry extract

wolfberry extract ...
XI'an Keen-source Bio-technology Co.,Ltd.   [China \ Shaanxi\xi'an]

8.   Goji Berries

Ningxiahong wolfberry is selected from the place of origin for high-quality summer wolfberry-zhongning, Ningxia. The wolfberry there is spiky, light red, bright naturally. The perfect wolfberry forms...
NINGXIAHONG WOLFBERRY INDUSTRY CO.   [China \ Beijing\zhaoyang district]

9.   Wolfberry Extract

Product Name : wolfberry Extract Latin Name: Lycium chinense Mill Specification : Polysaccharides10-50%; 10:1;4:1 Wolfberry rich of wolfber...
Nutramax lnc.   [China \ Hunan\Changsha]

10.   Wolfberry

Chinese Wolfberry medlar, plant of ningxia wolfberry is goods, such as Chinese wolfberry medlar subordinate species collectively. People daily edible and medicinal medlar more for the Fru...
Chinese Food Hangzhou Trading Co., Ltd   [China \ Zhejiang]

11.   Best Quality Wolfberry P. E.

the best quality ,the best price ,the bet delivery Wolfberry P. E. Part Used: Fruit Active Ingredients: Wolfberry Polysaccharides ...
Xi'an Hygethy Biotechnology Co., Ltd.   [China \ Shaanxi\Xi'an]

12.   Chinese wolfberry

Chinese Wolfberry Chinese wolfberry ...
Yantai Ruiqing Commerce And Trade Co., Ltd.   [China \ Shandong\Yantai]

13.   Wolfberry extract

[Name] wolfberry P.E. [Latin Name] Lycium Barbarum L. [Source] Dry mature fruit of Solanaceae a ...
Huifeng Bio-Chemistry Science and Technology Group   [China \ Shaanxi\Xi An]

14.   wolfberry,wolfberry extract,chinese wolfberry,natural wolfberry extract,chinese wolfberry extract

Product Introduction: Organic goji berry extract is a genus of the nightshade family (Solanaceae), containing about 90 species of plants native throughout much of the temperate and subtropica...
Xi'an Yuhui Biotechnology Co.,Ltd   [China \ Shaanxi\Xi'an]

15.   Goji Wine from original place

Through squeezing fresh wolfberry into juice, fermentation , using biology project technology, ningxiahong wolfberry wine is brewed. It reserves the key ingredient of wolfberry to the limit containing...
NINGXIAHONG WOLFBERRY INDUSTRY CO.   [China \ Beijing\zhaoyang district]

16.   Wolfberry Extract

Wolfberry is useful for boosting the immune system, protecting the liver, improving the quality of blood, and improving vision.
Hunan Nature Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd   [China \ Hunan\Yongzhou]

17.   Wolfberries

Wolfberries are the bright red, one-third to three-quarter inch fruit of the wolfberry plant. Of the eighty different species of wolfberries worldwide, the Lycium barbarum from Ningx...
GODDAO Health Food Co., Ltd   [China \ Guangdong\Guangzhou]

18.   Wolfberry P.E

Wolfberry P.E Other name:Chinese Wolfberry Fruit Extract , wolfberry extract , Goji P.E. Botanical source: Lycium Barbarum L. ...
DaXingAnLing Lingonberry Group   [China \ Heilongjiang\qiqihar]

19.   Goji/ Wolfberry

Latin Name: Fructus Lycii The fruits and pedicels of Chinese Wolfberry were effective in increasing white blood cells, protecting the liver and relieving hypertension. The alcoholic extrac...
Hangzhou Botanical Technology Co.,Ltd   [China \ Zhejiang\Hangzhou]

20.   wolfberry Extract

【product name】:wolfberry extract 【appearance】:brown-yellow powders 【granularity】:100 mesh specification:...
Booocle Bio-tech Co.,Ltd.   [China \ Shanghai\Shanghai]

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Wolfberry description

Wolfberry, commercially called goji berry, is the common name for the fruit of two very closely related species: Lycium barbarum (Chinese: 寧夏枸杞; pinyin: Níngxià gǒuqǐ) and L. chinense (Chinese: 枸杞; pinyin: gǒuqǐ), two species of boxthorn in the family Solanaceae (which also includes the potato, tomato, eggplant, deadly nightshade, chili pepper, and tobacco). It is native to southeastern Europe and Asia.

Food features:These species produce a bright orange-red, ellipsoid berry 1–2-cm deep. The number of seeds in each berry varies widely based on cultivar and fruit size, containing anywhere between 10–60 tiny yellow seeds that are compressed with a curved embryo. The berries ripen from July to October in the northern hemisphere.

Place of origin:Wolfberry species are deciduous woody perennial plants, growing 1–3 m high. L. chinense is grown in the south of China and tends to be somewhat shorter, while L. barbarum is grown in the north, primarily in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, and tends to be somewhat taller.

Nutrition:Wolfberry contains significant percentages of a day's macronutrient needs – carbohydrates, protein, fat and dietary fiber. About 68% of the mass of dried wolfberries exists as carbohydrate, 12% as protein, and 10% each as fiber and fat, giving a total caloric value in a 100 gram serving of 370 (kilo)calories.

Dietotherapy function:It is often cultivated for a variety of food and beverage applications within China, but increasingly today for export as dried berries, juice, and pulp or grounds. Wolfberries are prized for their versatility of color and nut-like taste[citation needed] in common meals, snacks, beverages, and medicinal applications. A major effort is underway in Ningxia, China to process wolfberries for “functional” wine.

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