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Products: Seaweeds Strips

Hi! Start here to find Seaweeds Strips suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers and exporters related to Seaweeds Strips. from china and around the world at -global b2b food e-marketplace .

1.   Seaweed Strip

Seaweed Strip
Nature Best Food Co., Ltd.   [Thailand \ Bangkok\Rajethevi]

2.   sauce seaweed strip

Sauce seaweed strip 1kg/bag sauce seaweed strip /seasoned seaweed strip ...
Weihai Qingzheng Foods Co., Ltd.   [China \ Shandong\WeiHai]

3.   sushi seaweed strips(dried seaweed)

sushi seaweeed strips: 1)special for sushi strips 2)rich in minerals,protein 3)shelf time:one year ...
Nantong Tianfu Seaweeds & Aquatics Co., Ltd.   [China \ Jiangsu\nantong]

4.   sushi seaweed(nori) strips

sushi seaweed strips: 1)rich in minerals,vitamins 2)used for sushi strips 3)made from dried seaweed ...
Nantong Tianfu Seaweeds & Aquatics Co., Ltd.   [China \ Jiangsu\nantong]

5.   Sushi Seaweed Strips, nori

Detailed introduction to Sushi seaweed Strips, nori: Sushi Seaweed ...
Nantong Tianfu Seaweeds & Aquatics Co., Ltd.   [China \ Jiangsu]

6.   Dehydrated Seaweed Strips

Dehydrated Seaweed Strips 1) Natural Color & taste 2) Specification: L,M 3) Color:dark green 4) Moisture: max 5% D...
Jiangsu Runjiayuan Food Co., Ltd.   [China \ Jiangsu\Xinghua]

7.   Slice Seaweed,seaweed strip

Slice seaweed is made from seaweed of high quality. The size will be adjusted according to the customers requirements. ...
Nantong Yuki Food Co., Ltd.   [China \ Jiangsu\Nantong]

8.   Roasted Seaweed Strip & Chip

The ROASTED SEAWEED has a high nutritional value and is rich in carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, an T...
Lianyungang Dayang Aquatic   [China \ Jiangsu\Lianyungang]

9.   frozen strip of mekabu

mekabu seaweed the frozen strip of mekabu 10kg/ctn ...
Weihai Qingzheng Foods Co., Ltd.   [China \ Shandong\WeiHai]

10.   dried seaweed strip(Laminaria)

seaweed -p1.html" style="text-decoration:underline;font-weight:bold;" target='_blank' dried seaweed strip(Laminaria) is from Shandong. Dard green. Health...
Qidong International Trading Co., Ltd.   [China \ Jiangsu\Qidong]

11.   seaweed strips

seaweed strips 1. certification: ISO9001, HACCP 2. shelf life: one year 3. grade: A, B, C, D ...
Nantong Xinlang Seaweed & Foods Co., Ltd.   [China \ Jiangsu\Qidong,Nantong]

12.   seaweed strip

seaweed strip -color: From light green to dark green -swelling:16- 18times - Sand :0.01% ...
Fuzhou Hailin Food Co., Ltd.   [China \ Fujian\Fuzhou]

13.   stripped seaweed

product name :stripped seaweed 1) made from roasted seaweed. 2) used in soup ...
Nantong Zhongye Foods Co., Ltd.   [China \ Jiangsu\industrial zone,lvsi port,nantong]

14.   roasted seaweed strip

seaweed -p1.html" style="text-decoration:underline;font-weight:bold;" target='_blank' ROASTED SEAWEED strip -color: From light green to...
Fuzhou Hailin Food Co., Ltd.   [China \ Fujian\Fuzhou]

15.   dilicious snack stripped seaweed

1) a kind of snack. 2) made from roasted seaweed . 3) It is often used in soup,salad,biscuit ...
Nantong Zhongye Foods Co., Ltd.   [China \ Jiangsu\industrial zone,lvsi port,nantong]

16.   Hai Zhi Lin 800g organic nature dried seaweed strips

Our Advantages: 1) We have various products wait for your choose, such a...
Fuzhou Hai Lin Food Co.,Ltd   [China \ Fujian\Luoyuan]

17.   Seaweed Strip

Standard: 0.15cm × (0-10cm),0.25cm × (0-10cm),10cm × (0-10cm) ...
Sodbos Seaweed(Nori) Co.,Ltd.   [China \ Jiangsu\Haian Nantong]

18.   Seaweed Strips

Standard: 0.15cm × (0-10cm),0.25cm × (0-10cm),10cm × (0-10cm) ...
Sodbos Seaweed(Nori) Co.,Ltd.   [China \ Jiangsu\Haian Nantong]


LuoYuanCounty jiazhiwei Foodstuffs co.Ltd Our supply of export standard dried seaweed, dried kelp, se aweed, starch, Sweet potato vermicelli ! According ...
LuoYuanCounty Jiazhiwei Foodstuffs Co.Ltd   [China \ Fujian\Fuzhou]

20.   Sushi Seaweed Strips, nori

Sushi seaweed (1) Roasted (2) 185mm*32mm (3) Certification: ISO9001, HACCP (4) Del...
Nantong Tianfu Seaweeds & Aquatics Co., Ltd.   [China \ Jiangsu\nantong]

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Seaweeds Strips description

Seaweed is a loose, colloquial term encompassing macroscopic, multicellular, benthic marine algae.The term includes some members of the red, brown and green algae. Seaweeds can also be classified by use (as food, medicine, fertilizer, industrial, etc.).

Food features:Seaweeds' appearance somewhat resembles non-arboreal terrestrial plants.thallus: the algal body
lamina: a flattened structure that is somewhat leaf-like. sorus: spore cluster

Place of origin:As a result, seaweeds most commonly inhabit the littoral zone and within that zone more frequently on rocky shores than on sand or shingle

Dietotherapy function:Seaweeds are also harvested or cultivated for the extraction of alginate, agar and carrageenan, gelatinous substances collectively known as hydrocolloids or phycocolloids. Hydrocolloids have attained commercial significance as food additives.The food industry exploits their gelling, water-retention, emulsifying and other physical properties. Agar is used in foods such as confectionery, meat and poultry products, desserts and beverages and moulded foods. Carrageenan is used in salad dressings and sauces, dietetic foods, and as a preservative in meat and fish products, dairy items and baked goods.

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