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Products: Milk

Hi! Start here to find Milk suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers and exporters related to Milk. from china and around the world at -global b2b food e-marketplace .

2421.   Full cream milk powder

Specifications Milk +powder-p1.html" style="text-decoration:underline;font-weight:bold;" target='_blank' full cream milk powder is applicable for yoghourt,fluid mi...
PZ Link   [Malaysia \ Sabah\Koto Kinabalu]

2422.   Skim Milk Powder - Medium Heat

Fresh Pasteurized Skimmed Milk from Pure Cows Milk is used 1. Milk Fat (Max) 1% 2.Milk Protein 35% 3.Carbohydrates 51% ...
G.M.L Global Trading Ltd   [Malaysia \ Sarawak\Sarawak]


We supply one of the best quality Skimmed Milk powder, full cream milk powder Instant milk powder, Grade A. Our milk powder is well treated, inspected by SGS before shipping and com...
Agro Com Ltd   [Hungary \ Budapest Hungary\Budapest]


We supply one of the best quality Skimmed Milk powder, full cream milk powder Instant milk powder, Grade A. Our milk powder is well treated, inspected by SGS before shipping and comes with Valid ...
Agro Com Ltd   [Hungary \ Budapest Hungary\Budapest]


We supply one of the best quality Skimmed Milk powder, full cream milk powder Instant milk powder, Grade A. Our milk powder is well treated, inspected by SGS before shipping and comes with Val...
Agro Com Ltd   [Hungary \ Budapest Hungary\Budapest]

2426.   300ml Glass bottle soy milk

300 ml Glass bottle Soy milk In each Soy bean milk can you may find benefits of building and rebuilding your bone thickness help you to balance your sugar problem help your di...
Adams Farm Tradings(Pty)Ltd   [South Africa \ NORTHERN CAPE\UPINGTON]


Sawa&Binam   [Malaysia \ selangor\kuala lumpur]

2428.   Skimmed Milk Powder

Ndaka Group Co., Ltd produces a wide range of premium quality Skim Milk Powders (SMP) with all available heat settings and variations, as well as differing functional properties available to customer...
Ndaka Group Co., Ltd   [Cameroon ]


Packaging Detail: 25 kg in multiply paper bags with polythene liner. 40 bags per euro pallet 24MT per 40 FCT co...
Globalkickltd   [South Africa \ Western Cape\HERMANUS]

2430.   Skimmed Milk Powder

Product Specifications Type : Dried Skimmed Milk ...
Russenterprices   [Ukraine \ Kiev\Kiev]

2431.   sweetened condensed milk

Packaging Detail: Sweetened Condensed Milk : Pack size : 390 g x 48 cans, 505 g x 48 cans, 1kg x 24 cans Evaporated M...
Rotocam Trading   [Malaysia \ sarawak\sibu]

2432.   soya beans

Soy Milk (also known as soya milk) is a non dairy form of milk that is made from soya beans. Soy milk has traditionally be drunk by westerners who are allergic to cows mi...
Soy Every Day   [India \ ap\vijayawada]

2433.   Nestle Nesquik Powdered Milk Mix, Chocolate

Delight your child with the Nestle Nesquik chocolate Powder Milk Mix. It is enriched with calcium, minerals and vitamin C. Mix the Nestle chocolate powder in your child's milk and give him...
Universal Cocoa Powder Company Malaysia   [Malaysia \ sarawak\tabuan]

2434.   Full Cream Milk Powder

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, О ur Private Enterprise "Sintez" is currently one of the most dynamic Ukrainian produc...
PE PROMILK   [Ukraine \ Dnepropetrovsk\Dnepropetrovsk]

2435.   skimmed Milk Powerder 1

pecifications 1. full cream milk powder 2. skim milk powder 3. WHEY POWDER Made from pasteurized full-fat/skim cow's milk by spray drying. 1. NAME: FULL CREAM MILK POWDER ...
HANSEN WINE DENMARK   [Denmark \ Aalborg\Aalborg]

2436.   Fresh Milk

A pure product from fresh cow milk from the region of Epirus. The milk is collected two times a day from kettle-breeding exploitations, that are guided and checked systematically by the scientific pe...
Dodoni S.A. - Agricultural   [Greece \ Tagmatarchi Kostaki Street]

2437.   The Milk quark meal

LECKERM ULCHEN strawberry means: 150 g of fruity pleasure, whipped up to a light and frothy foam. Exquisite milk quark with a subtle hint of succulent fruit. It goes without saying that it does not c...
frischli Milchwerke GmbH   [Germany \ Loccum\Rehburg]
No Photo


PROCAKE 5.10 is a fat filled powder consisting of spray Dried Vegetable fat on a sweetened dairy carrier, it consist of 5% fat & 10 % protein. Replaces for 100% full-fat milk or Ski...
Judphilan   [Philippines \ Cebu\Mandaue]

2439.   Sweetened Condensed Milk

Specifications: Sweetened Creamer with 10% Fat and 46% sugar, Vitamin Enriched Sweetened condensed milk is pre...
Ewarna Dini Sdn Bhd   [Malaysia \ Sarawak\Kuching]

2440.   Sweetened Condensed Milk

Specifications 1. Fresh Condensed Milk 2. Export Quality 3. Hygienically Manufactured 4. Made by advanced technology process. Sweet...
Ralizah Enterprise Sdn Bhd   [Malaysia \ Sarawak\Bintulu]

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Milk description

Milk is a translucent white liquid produced by the mammary glands of mammals. It provides the primary source of nutrition for young mammals before they are able to digest other types of food. The early lactation milk is known as colostrum, and carries the mother's antibodies to the baby. It can reduce the risk of many diseases in the baby. The exact components of raw milk vary by species, but it contains significant amounts of saturated fat, protein and calcium as well as vitamin C. Cow's milk has a pH ranging from 6.4 to 6.8, making it slightly acidic.

Nutrition:Processed cow's milk was formulated to contain differing amounts of fat during the 1950s. One cup (250 ml) of 2%-fat cow's milk contains 285 mg of calcium , which represents 22% to 29% of the daily recommended intake (DRI) of calcium for an adult. Depending on the age, milk contains 8 grams of protein , and a number of other nutrients.

Dietotherapy function:The composition of milk differs widely among species. Factors such as the type of protein; the proportion of protein, fat, and sugar; the levels of various vitamins and minerals; and the size of the butterfat globules , and the strength of the curd are among those than may vary.

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