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Products: Milk Thistle

Hi! Start here to find Milk Thistle suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers and exporters related to Milk Thistle. from china and around the world at -global b2b food e-marketplace .

1.   Rockstar Pure Zero Punched Energy Drink

About the product Enhanced with a potent herbal blend of caffeine, guarana, B-vitamins, taurine, ginseng, and milk thistle Zero sugar, zero calories ...
Divineletassimilation [Ireland \ South West Region\Limbe]

2.   Pussy Natural Energy Drink

Packaging & Delivery Delivery Time depending on order, under 100 cases, 1 week, more than 100, 2 we Specifications Pussy is raunchy by name ...
Divineletassimilation [Ireland \ South West Region\Limbe]

3.   Milk Thistle P.E, Silymarin,Milk Thistle extract

Name milk thistle extract ...
Ningbo Honor Chemtech Co.,LTD   [China \ Zhejiang\Ningbo]


Star Group Company Limited   [Cameroon \ EAST REGION\BERTOUA]

5.   Milk Thistle Extract 80%

CAS No : 22888-70-6 Main Contents: flavolignans ( Silymarin ), tyramine, histamine ...
ChangshaHuirBiological-TechCo.,Ltd   [China \ Hunan\Changsha]

6.   organic milk Thistle powder

We offer organic milk Thistle powder with listed terms and details : Style : Dried Processing Type : Raw MOQ : 5000 KG Shipping Terms : FOB Please Contact for det...
Green Trading Ltd   [Germany \ Berlin]
No Photo

7.   Milk Thistle P.E

Milk Thistle P.E. Spec:Silymarin 80% UV
Huifeng Bio-Chemistry Science and Technology Group   [China \ Shaanxi\Xi An]

8.   Milk thistle seeds (Silybum marianum): US$ 0.6-0.9 /kg

Milk thistle seeds (Silybum marianum): US$ 0.6-0.9 /kg Milk thistle, dried seeds A unique product from Nature itself. The chemical composition of milk thistle includes th...
Pride Profit Co   [Russia \ Altai]

9.   Milk Thistle Extract

Milk Thistle Extract Plant Sources Dry fruits of Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum G.) ...
DaXingAnLing Zhongbei Chem Industry Co., Ltd   [China \ Heilongjiang\Qiqihaer]

10.   Beneficial milk thistle plant extract with silymarin

Beneficial Milk Thistle plant extract with silymarin Product Name: Milk Thistle Extract Known As:Milk Thistle P.E. Latin Name :Silybum marianum Eff...
Fine Sky Technological Co.,Ltd.   [China \ Shaanxi\Xi'an]

11.   Yellow fine powder milk thistle extract

Product Name: Milk Thistle Extract Known As:Milk Thistle P.E. Latin Name :Silybum marianum Effective Ingredient: Silymarin ,silybin PART USED:Seed App...
Fine Sky Technological Co.,Ltd.   [China \ Shaanxi\Xi'an]

12.   Liver protection Milk Thistle Extract 80% silymarin

Product Name: Milk Thistle Extract ...
Shijiazhuang Jianhe Biotech Co.,Ltd   [China \ Hebei\Zhangding]

13.   80% silymarin Milk thistle seed extract natural liver health

Milk thistle (silymarin) is a flowering herb related to the daisy and ragweed family. It is native to Mediterranean countries. Some people also call it Mary thistle and holy thistle. It is used as a...
Changsha Huir Biological-tech Co.,Ltd   [China \ Hunan\Changsha]

14.   80% silymarin 30% silybin/isosilybin Milk thistle seed extract natural liver health

Milk thistle (silymarin) is a flowering herb related to the daisy and ragweed family. It is native to Mediterranean countries. Some people also call it Mary thistle and holy thistle. It is used as a...
Changsha Huir Biological-tech Co.,Ltd   [China \ Hunan\Changsha]

15.   Silybum marianum

Scientific name : Silybum marianum Common name : cardus marianus, milk thistle, blessed milk thistle, Marian Thistle, Mary Thistle, Saint Mary's Thistle, Mediterranean milk thistle,...
Soushyant Tejarat Rahpooyan Aryana   [Iran \ Khorasan\Mashhad]


Muyuka Development Corporation   [Cameroon \ south west region\kumba]
No Photo

17.   Medicinal plant Milk Thistle P.E./Milk Thistle Extract /Silymarin 80%

1.Medicinal plant Milk Thistle P.E./ Milk Thistle Extract /Silymarin 80% 2. Active ingredient: Silymarin 3.Supply steadily ...
Xian Lukee Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.   [China \ Shaanxi\Xi'an]


Milk Thistle Seeds truly are one of a kind. While most people are aware that Milk Thistle has strong medicinal benefits for the liver, few realize what a versatile food the seeds make. Many find t...
Ss & Import Export Company Limited   [Thailand \ Chonburi\Chonburi]

19.   Milk thistle extract (Silymarin )

Milk thistle extract (Silymarin ) 1. Milk thistle extract (Silymarin )USP/DAB/EP 2. Appearance: yellow find powder 3. Function: (1.) to protect liver cell membrane and ...
China Foodpharm Group Co., Ltd   [China \ Anhui\Hefei]

20.   Milk thistle extract

Product Name: Milk Thistle Extr...
111Wuxi Accobio Biotech Inc.   [China \ Jiangsu\Wuxi]

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Milk Thistle description

The milk thistle is a thistle of the genus Silybum Adans., a flowering plant of the daisy family (Asteraceae). They are native to the Mediterranean regions of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The name "milk thistle" derives from two features of the leaves: they are mottled with splashes of white and they contain a milky sap.

Food features: Members of this genus grow as annual or biennial plants. The erect stem is tall, branched and furrowed but not spiny. The large, alternate leaves are waxy-lobed, toothed and thorny, as in other genera of thistle. The lower leaves are cauline (attached to the stem without petiole). The upper leaves have a clasping base. They have large, disc-shaped pink-to-purple, rarely white, solitary flower heads at the end of the stem. The flowers consist of tubular florets. The phyllaries under the flowers occur in many rows, with the outer row with spine-tipped lobes and apical spines. The fruit is a black achene with a white pappus.

Place of origin: Widely distributed in southern Europe and North America and Asia.

Nutrition: Traditional milk thistle extract is made from the seeds, which contain approximately 4-6% silymarin. The extract consists of about 65-80% silymarin (a flavonolignan complex) and 20-35% fatty acids, including linoleic acid. Silymarin is a complex mixture of polyphenolic molecules, including seven closely related flavonolignans (silybin A, silybin B, isosilybin A, isosilybin B, silychristin, isosilychristin, silydianin) and one flavonoid (taxifolin).

Dietotherapy function: Prevention of liver injury. Treatment of liver disease. A powerful antioxidant, can reduce free radical damage to liver cells is the opportunity to protect the liver cell membrane, with anti-radiation effect. Reduce some side effects of prescription drugs in the liver.

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