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Products: Maitake

Hi! Start here to find Maitake suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers and exporters related to Maitake. from china and around the world at -global b2b food e-marketplace .

1.   Maitake Mushroom

maitake mushroom is Cultivation in China since 1992.This mushroom is only grow in South of China ------Qingyuan County,Zhejinag Province,China.In Japan it is most people know this mu...
QINGYUAN GREEN GARDEN FOOD CO.,LTD. [China \ Zhejiang\Qingyuan County]

2.   Maitake Mushroom Powder

Maitake (Grifola frondosa) is the Japanese name for an edible fungi with a large fruiting body characterized by overlapping waves. Maitake is derived from the Japanese, "mai" meaning dance ...
QINGYUAN GREEN GARDEN FOOD CO.,LTD. [China \ Zhejiang\Qingyuan County]

3.   Grifola Frondosa (maitake)

Our co. was founded in 1998.We are one of mushroom factory.We have Grifola Frondosa (MAITAKE) base.we processed and export following Grifola Frondosa . Such as wholed dr...
QINGYUAN GREEN GARDEN FOOD CO.,LTD. [China \ Zhejiang\Qingyuan County]

4.   maitake extract

Deciptions:Fine brown or brownish yellow powder Contents of polysaccharide:≥ 10% or ≥20% or ???≥30% Specification: 10g/bag, 1kg/...
QINGYUAN GREEN GARDEN FOOD CO.,LTD. [China \ Zhejiang\Qingyuan County]

5.   Maitake mushrooms

Maitake mushrooms
NAMMEX   [Canada \ Gibsons\Gibsons]

6.   Mushrooms : Maitake Products

- dried Maitake (exportclass) - fresh maitake(exportclass) - maitake powder(differentmeshes) - mai ...
Freshes Int'l Limited   [China \ Zhejiang\Hangzhou]

7.   AMPLE Premium Ample Series - Maitake Mushroom Powder - 10.85 OZ

A natural source of Antioxidants Made with 100% wild MAITAKE Mushroom Ample - Maitake Mushroom Powder 10.85 OZ ...
MS BIONIC INC   [United States \ California\Gardena]

8.   maitake mushroom

fresh Maitake, 150g*20 per carton, by air or by sea
Shanghai Bright Esunyes Bio-tech Co., Ltd   [China \ Shanghai\Haiwan]

9.   Maitake

Swiss,fresh Maitake (Grifola) ...
ChampiGourmet   [Switzerland \ St-Aubin]

10.   Maitake Extract/Grifola Frondosa Extract

Product Name: Maitake Mushroom Extract Common name: Mitake Extract Latin name: Maitake Mushroom Extract Active ingredients: Polysaccharides Part Used: Fruiting body& Mycelium ...
Unistan Pharma Industrial Group Ltd.   [China \ Shandong\Qingdao]

11.   Maitake Pate

Product Description Maitake Pate All organic Vegetarian ...
Grin River Farms LLC   [United States ]

12.   Maitake mushroom

Maitake,the other name is chestnut mushroom,Japanese call the dance mushroom.
Zhejiang Qingyuan Jiangyuan Mushroom Food Co.,Ltd.   [China \ Zhejiang\Qingyuan]

13.   Maitake mushroom extract

Maitake Mushroom extract 1.English name: maitake mushroom extract 2.Latin name: Grifola Frondosa 3.botanical us...
Jessie ODEA Biotech Co.,Ltd   [China \ Shanghai\shanghai]

14.   Maitake mushrooms

Mushrooms have had their own revolution in the realm of food for health. Mushrooms have had their own revolutio...
BIORESIS SDN BHD   [Malaysia \ Perak\Ipoh]

15.   Maitake Mushroom Slice-Grifola frondosa

Dried Maitake mushroom, sliced is cultivated on artificial maitake mushroom logs in high mountain areas with clear stream water. ...
Hoyman Group (HK) Limited   [Hong Kong ]

16.   Maitake Mushrooms,dried

Dried Maitake Mushrooms , whole (FAQ)our maitake msuhrooms are cultivated artificial maitake logs in the environments of high mou ...
Gram Farm   [China \ Zhejiang\Qingyuan]

17.   Maitake polysaccharide

Maitake Polysaccharide English Name Maitake polysaccharide Latin Name Grifo...
Cadre Biotech (Beijing) CO.,Ltd   [China \ Guangdong]

18.   maitake extract

Maitake can fight disease and improve the immunity accordint to the chinese traditional medicine . .Maitake is recognized as a potent source of polysaccharide compound which has a strongly health-p...
Plantnat Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd.   [China \ Hunan\HanPu Town]

19.   Dehydrated (dried) Maitake \ Hen of the Woods Mushrooms

Dehydrated maitake Mushrooms / 4 oz. Item# dehydrated-maitake-mushrooms $12.95 ...
Grin River Farms LLC   [United States ]

20.   Maitake Mushroom Powder, Extract, Concentrate, Capsules, Plant Extract

NP Nutra produces a high quality Organic Maitake 4:1 extract sourced from the best growers and dried to maintain its nutritional qualities. ...
NP Nutra   [United States \ CA\Gardena]

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Maitake description

Maitake is an edible mushroom from the species Grifola frondosa. Maitake D-fraction® is an extract of this large mushroom native to the mountains of northeastern Japan. The maitake mushroom is eaten as a food, and maitake-D fraction is marketed as a dietary supplement in the United States and Japan. The substance in the maitake mushroom is thought to be active in humans and is called beta-glucan.

Food features:Maitake (Grifola frondosa) is the Japanese name for an edible fungi with a large fruiting body characterized by overlapping waves. Maitake is derived from the Japanese, "mai" meaning dance and "take" meaning mushroom, thus many refer to Maitake as the "dancing mushroom". It is a premier culinary mushroom as well as a medicinal mushroom. Though mushrooms in general are not particularly known for being nutrient

Nutrition:It very well may be the most versatile and promising medicinal mushroom supplement, Andrew Weil has said that maitake appears to be the most effective immune boosting mushroom of all, noting that it belongs to the polypore family of medicinal mushrooms that, in the Far East, includes many mushrooms that "are highly esteemed as medicinal herbs, especially the class of superior drugs, the tonics and panaceas that increase resistance and promote longevity.

Dietotherapy function:maitake mushroom extract boosts the immune system and limits or reverses tumor growth. It is also said to enhance the benefits of chemotherapy and lessen some side effects of anti-cancer drugs, such as hair loss, pain, and nausea.

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