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Products: Lettuce

Hi! Start here to find Lettuce suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers and exporters related to Lettuce. from china and around the world at -global b2b food e-marketplace .

1.   Crisp Head Lettuce

Our Crisp Lettuce Head is crisp and juicy. Carefully selected, first pick of the day. Class 1
Monumental Import and Export Pty Ltd [South Africa \ Gauteng\Centurion]

2.   Fresh Lettuce

We can make the supply of - Good quality nuts Prompt delivery to you address or port of delivery We pack as per customer wants ...
FAVA Import Export GmbH [Austria \ Catherina\Villach]

3.   Sliced Salami 100g

Create your own deli sandwich with your favourite Woolworths rye bread, a dab of mayonnaise, crisp lettuce and slices of Salami . No added MSG
Monumental Import and Export Pty Ltd [South Africa \ Gauteng\Centurion]

4.   Fresh Tangerine/Mandarin Oranges

Fresh Fruits: Orange , Lemon , Limes , Grapefruits , Mandarin , Clementine , Fresh Strawberry , Pomegranates , Grapes , Melon , Watermelon , Apricot , Plum , Guava , Mango, custard apple,...
Kaslim Limited [Turkey ]

5.   Tangerine/Mandarin Oranges

Fresh Fruits: Orange , Lemon , Limes , Grapefruits , Mandarin , Clementine , Fresh Strawberry , Pomegranates , Grapes , Melon , Watermelon , Apricot , Plum , Guava , Mango, custard apple,...
Kaslim Limited [Turkey ]

6.   fruits,apples,kiwi,bananas,pineappe,pomegrenate,coconut,Breadfruit,SOURSOP,dates,tomato, Broccol

Dear sir/madam we can offer the following products best quality premium grade and simple terms of trade Product: ...
PROPER TEXAS TRADING [Malaysia \ kelantan\kelantan Malaysia]

7.   Lettuce

HISPA GROUP SPAIN.,S.L.   [Spain \ Murcia\Calle Madre Elisea]

8.   Lettuces

OPTIMA FRUIT SL   [Spain \ Murcia\Murcia]

9.   lettuce(Romaine)

Weifang Nam`s Trading Co.,Ltd   [China \ Shandong\City]

10.   Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg Lettuce
ACK Hydro Farm Co., Ltd.   [Thailand \ Bangkok\Suan Luang]

11.   Fresh lettuce

fresh lettuce
Priority leap   [China \ Shanghai\Shanghai]
No Photo

12.   Iceberg Lettuce

Fresh Iceberg Lettuce with premium quality
DnG Trading Ltd.   [Turkey \ istanbul\istanbul]
No Photo

13.   Lettuce

Lettuce Product Type: ...
Egypt Green   [Egypt ]
No Photo

14.   lettuce

lettuce Product Type: ...
Alexinter   [Egypt \ Alexandria]

15.   Fresh Lettuce

Fresh Lettuce Exporter : Growing up to 30-100 cm, lettuces are biennial herbaceous non-pilose plants having white milk and yellow flowers. Cultivated forms and various species of ...
Turkish Fruits   [Turkey \ 07500\Istanbul]

16.   frozen lettuce ,green lettuce

The detailed introduction to frozen lettuce ,green lettuce has not...
Chaohu Fast-Track International Trade Co., Ltd.   [China \ Anhui]

17.   fresh lettuce

frshe lettuce. supply to KFC standard.
LINHAI YOU & ME IMP. & EXP. CO.,LTD   [China \ Zhejiang\linhai]

18.   Red lettuce

it`s belong to lettuce. the taste have a little bitter.
Weifang Nam`s Trading Co.,Ltd   [China \ Shandong\City]

19.   Lettuce

Fresh Iceburge lettuce shredded ,Chilled & Vacuum packed ...
Vista Processed Foods Pvt. Ltd.   [India \ Maharashtra\Navi Mumbai]

20.   Lettuce

We are able to supply you with lettuce from Serbia.
Timber Trade Doo   [Serbia \ Vojvodina\Novi Sad]

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Lettuce description

Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) is a temperate annual or biennial plant of the daisy family Asteraceae. It is most often grown as a leaf vegetable. In many countries, it is typically eaten cold, raw, in salads, sandwiches, hamburgers, tacos, and in many other dishes. In some places, including China, lettuce is typically eaten cooked and use of the stem is as important as use of the leaf. Both the English name and the Latin name of the genus are ultimately derived from lac, the Latin word for “milk”,referring to the plant’s milky juice. Mild in flavour, it has been described over the centuries as a cooling counterbalance to other ingredients in a salad.

Food features:The lettuce plant has a short stem initially (a rosette growth habit), but when it gradually blooms, the stem and branches lengthen and produce many flower heads that look like those of dandelions, but smaller. This is referred to as bolting. When grown to eat, lettuce is harvested before it bolts. Lettuce is used as a food plant by the larvae of some Lepidoptera.

Place of origin:

Nutrition:Lettuce is a low calorie food and is a source of vitamin A and folic acid. Lactucarium (or “Lettuce Opium”) is a mild opiate-like substance that is contained in all types of lettuce. Both the Romans and Egyptians took advantage of this property by eating lettuce at the end of a meal to induce sleep.

Dietotherapy function:Some lettuces (especially iceberg) have been specifically bred to remove the bitterness from their leaves. These lettuces have high water content and so are less "nutritionally dense" than are the more bitter lettuces and those with darker leaves. While all lettuces contain antioxidants and Vitamin K, romaine and looseleaf lettuce contain five to six times the Vitamin C and five to ten times the Vitamin A of iceberg. Romaine and butterhead lettuce are good sources of folate. Lettuce naturally absorbs and concentrates lithium.

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