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Products: Goosebeery

Hi! Start here to find Goosebeery suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers and exporters related to Goosebeery. from china and around the world at -global b2b food e-marketplace .

1.   Chinese goosebeery

Chinese goosebeery Packing:3.5KG/CTN,10KG/CTN Size:25/27/30/33/36/42/75/84/90/99/108/117 Origin:Shaanxi
Shaanxi Sanlian Fruit Co.,Ltd.   [China \ Shaanxi\Xi'an]

2.   chinese goosebeery

Shaanxi Weibei Loess Plateau, which is the apple base of mengrei agricultural products Company, has been approved as the best suitable areas for producing Chinese goosebeery globally. It dose not onl...

3.   Teabag Chinese Goosebeery Green Tea Fruit Flavor Tea

Teabag Chinese Goosebeery Fruit FLAVOR Tea 1.Ingredient: Kiwi Fruit ,Green Tea 2.Natural,no chemical add 3.Supplement nutrition ...
Changsha Ayhhed Biotechnology Co., Ltd.   [China \ Hunan\Changsha City]

4.   Preserved kiwi

Preserved chinese goosebeery
Ningbo Glory International Corporation   [China \ Zhejiang\Ningbo]

5.   Chinese goosebeery

Diyuan Food CO., Ltd. covers an area of 7 hektare, there are four product lines of freeze-drying lyophilizations waiting to be built, 800 square metres of freeze-drying area. There is a storehouse wi...
Shandong Diyuan Food CO., Ltd   [China \ Shandong\Changyi]

6.   Chinese goosebeery

Our products are highly competive, which is a result of unique technique and good management.
No Photo

7.   Chinese goosebeery

Xi''an High-Quality Agricultural Products Development&Service Center is the only new state-owned enterprise in Xi''an ,which includes scientific research,technique transfer and fruit trade.Its ma...
Xi''''an High-Quality Agricultural Products Development&Service Center   [China \ Shanxi\Xi''''an]
No Photo

8.   Chinese goosebeery beverage

The company only provides quality products by using the traditional technology with rich nutrition and high clarity
Hubei Chibihong Koukoule Co.,Ltd.   [China \ Hubei\chibi]

9.   FD Goosebeery

Huzhou International Trade Co.,Ltd specializes in Import and Export business which includes kinds of Fresh Vegetables,Frozen Vegetables(I.Q.F.),Dehydrates Vegetables(AD,FD),Salted Vegetables,Canned F...
Huzhou International Trade Co.,Ltd.   [China \ Zhejiang\Huzhou]

10.   frozen Chinese goosebeery piece

The production processes and life area are 26.3mu.The front workshop is 800&supz,the refined workshop is 1200²,the raw material storage is 800²,the cold storage capacity is 1300 ...
BaoDing HaoJia Food Limited Company   [China \ Hebei\BaoDing]

11.   chinese goosebeery

We supply Chinese Gooseberry, KIWI fruit, fresh fruit. Chinese Gooseberry, Kiwi fruit, fresh fruit, dried fruit...
Ideal Food Co., Ltd.   [China \ Jiangsu\Xuzhou]

12.   Chinese goosebeery

The average weigh of each fruit is 80g, containing 19.6% of soluble sold matter, 0.49% of acid, and 13.45% of sugar ...
Chengdu Jinhe Agriculture Co., Ltd.   [China \ Sichuan\Chengdu]

13.   Chinese Goosebeery Wine

We can offer high quality products.
Shanxi Haiyang Fruit Co.,Ltd.   [China \ Shaanxi\Baoji]

14.   Chinese Goosebeery Juice

We can offer high quality products.
Shanxi Haiyang Fruit Co.,Ltd.   [China \ Shaanxi\Baoji]
No Photo

15.   Chinese Goosebeery Vinegar

We can offer high quality products.
Shanxi Haiyang Fruit Co.,Ltd.   [China \ Shaanxi\Baoji]

16.   Chinese Fruit

Gooseberry-Chinese Gooseberry, KIWI fruit, fresh fruit, fried fruit and tin fruit of Chinese Goosebeery Goosebe...
Fujian Sannong Calcium Carbonate Co., Ltd.   [China \ Fujian\Sanming]

17.   kiwi slice

Dried Chinese Goosebeery Moisture: 17-22% SO2: <300PPM Packaging: 12.5kg/ctn ...
Qingdao Kington Produce Co., Ltd.   [China \ Shandong\Qingdao]

18.   apricot jam

Our fruit jams include:Apple,Apricot,Blueberry,Strawberry,YellowPeach,White peach ,Plum,Tomato.Hawthorn,Orange marmalade ,Chinese Goosebeery,Mixed fruit jams. Packaging in glass jar and tin or acc...
Baoding Minghua Food Co.,Ltd   [China \ Hebei\Baoding]

19.   IQF pineapple Cubes

Our company's leading product is 'VEGFARM' IQF fruits and vegetables and clean-washed semi-processed vegetable products. The semi-processed vegetable products include cherries, tomatoes, cucumbers, e...
Baoding ZhongWang Fruit & Vegetable IQF Co., LTD.   [China \ Hebei\Baoding]

20.   IQF Garlic Sprout Segment

Our company's leading product is 'VEGFARM' IQF fruits and vegetables and clean-washed semi-processed vegetable products. The semi-processed vegetable products include cherries, tomatoes, cucumbers, eg...
Baoding ZhongWang Fruit & Vegetable IQF Co., LTD.   [China \ Hebei\Baoding]

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Goosebeery description

The gooseberry (pronounced /ˈɡʊzbəri/;[1] Ribes uva-crispa, syn. R. grossularia) is a species of Ribes, native to Europe, northwestern Africa and southwestern Asia. It is one of several similar species in the subgenus Grossularia; for the other related species (e.g., North American Gooseberry Ribes hirtellum), see the genus page Ribes.

Food features:The gooseberry is a straggling bush growing to 1-3 meters (3-10 feet) tall, the branches being thickly set with sharp spines, standing out singly or in diverging tufts of two or three from the bases of the short spurs or lateral leaf shoots. The bell-shaped flowers are produced, singly or in pairs, from the groups of rounded, deeply-crenated 3 or 5 lobed leaves. The fruit of wild gooseberries is smaller than in the cultivated varieties, but is often of good flavour; it is generally hairy, but in one variety smooth, constituting the R. uva-crispa of writers; berries' colour is usually green, but there are red variants and occasionally deep purple berries occur.

Place of origin:native to Europe, northwestern Africa and southwestern Asia.

Nutrition:with rich healthy microelements such as Ca, Fe, Zn ,se and vitamin c.

Dietotherapy function:Gooseberries are best known for their use in desserts such as Gooseberry Fool and Gooseberry Crumble. In some countries, like Portugal, gooseberries are very appreciated as a beverage, being mostly used mixed with soda, water or even milk.

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